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Sunday - Thursday | 10AM - 7PM
Friday - Saturday | 10AM - 8PM

Red-Ruff Lemurs


Ring-tailed Lemurs

Weekday special rates not valid during peak operating times and holiday periods including but not limited to 3/6/2020 thru 3/22/2020 and 5/15/2020 thru 9/13/2020. Subject to change without notice.

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Come Experience Thousands of Species and Interactive Exhibits! San Antonio Aquarium has been the premier family entertainment center in Leon Valley since 2014. We love providing once in a lifetime experiences that include everything from sharks to Sloths!!
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Thousands of Species

Among the exhibits featured throughout the aquarium are a wide variety of amphibians, an interactive lorikeet and parakeet aviary, and a variety of cold water and tropical fish. Also, San Antonio Aquarium features sharks, a stingray touch tank, a rainforest with hundreds of reptiles and our newest addition to the family, Kiwi the sloth!

Interactive Exhibits

The San Antonio Aquarium provides children and families access to the excitement and learning opportunities of the ocean without the long trip to the coast. Guests can watch jellyfish gently float and glow and admire the bright and colorful corals without leaving San Antonio’s city limits.

Experience and INTERACT
WITH Thousands of Species
6320 Bandera Road
San Antonio, TX 78238

Hours :
Sunday - Thursday | 10AM - 7PM
Friday - Saturday | 10AM - 8PM
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Glow in the...

Our new glow in the dark giant ball pit is open!! Come to a dip!! Follow us on TikTok...

The Real...

(Disclaimer: We do not have a Megalodon at the aquarium 😉 )   As The Meg hits theaters, dive into...